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piggy bankJust the other day a woman came to our shop. She had searched the Internet for a personalized baby blanket. She said that the best price she could find for an embroidered blanket that included two words of text (!) was $70!

Outraged, she searched for Plan B and found Creativity On! We were local to her, and she was overjoyed to learn that we’d do the embroidery she wanted for $15. So she went to a local store and found a baby blanket she liked. Unlike shopping on the web, she could touch and feel the quality of the blanket and was happy with what she found.

End result: she was thrilled to get exactly the blanket she wanted with the embroidery she wanted, and the total was about half what the best deal she found on the Internet. She spent a little money on gas to shop, but saved on shipping by shopping local.


It’s worth the effort to compare what you may be paying now for embroidery. We are continually amazed at how people spend more money with other companies to get the exact same product we would sell for less.

Another woman told us she was paying $29.50 each for an embroidered polo shirt. Our price for the exact same shirt embroidered would have been $20.00.


Many large corporations have employee stores where they sell company branded merchandise. We often see prices much more expensive than what our price would be for the same item. In some cases we’ve seen company stores often charge retail pricing for the garments with retail embroidery fees added on top of that.

Once we have a logo digitized and ready to stitch, we’re good to go. In many cases, our wholesale pricing saves money. The best way to learn how much money we can save you is to call with the details (what kind or garments you’re looking for and what kind of logo or art you want embroidered) and ask.


Some people think it’s cheaper to buy shirts on sale at a discount store, and then have us do the embroidery. However, despite the happy baby blanket story above, this strategy usually does not save money.

Our standard price to set up and stitch text on your garment starts at $15 per item. So if you bought a polo shirt on sale for $14 and had us embroider it, the total would be $29. Our package price (shirt + embroidery) could be less than that.

In addition, people shopping for bargains frequently buy garments on sale that frankly aren’t up to being embroidered upon. The understandable urge to save money needs to be tempered with a sense of product quality–what works for embroidery and what people will enjoy wearing.

The best strategy for you, again, would be to call and ask.


When comparing prices on the Internet, it’s useful to note all the factors that go into a price quote. It’s common for companies to publish a really cheap price that you start with on the order form, then to add on different fees as the order progresses through the check-out process.

In the low price game, some companies publish wild bargain prices and do not advise consumers that the garments are of poor quality, betting that price shoppers won’t really investigate what they’re buying.

At Creativity On we tell you everything you need to know to decide. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated as customers. Providing you with customer satisfaction is the best way to earn your repeat business.

It just takes a phone call to us to get a price quote. In most cases we will meet or beat the price you have been paying.


We have more tips on what to look out for when buying embroidery on the Internet.

We have more tips on what to look out for when buying garment printing on the Internet.

Questions? Contact Jolene at (503) 991-5266 M-F 9am-5pm Pacific time.

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