Starting business conversations with “apparel assist”

Embroidery from Creativity On

If you are involved in a business that sustains itself by attracting new clients, you would probably want to take advantage of any clever way available to connect with your people. This normally involves advertising, joining referral groups like the Chamber of Commerce, and social networking. Other people also rely on trade shows and business fairs, referral fee incentives, and positive word-of-mouth.

One strategy we’re partial to is using the clothing you wear as a pointing device to your business. It could be part of your uniform, if you wear one, or it could be casual clothing that either overtly or cleverly advertises your business.

Wearing a simple embroidered shirt with the company logo acts like a roving advertisement. It doesn’t get tossed into the recycle bin as a print ad usually does. People notice the logo and if something strikes them they’ll respond to it. For example if you are a real estate agent and you’re wearing something with your logo emblazoned on it to the ice cream shop, if someone sees you and needs a Realtor, they may be motivated to start up a conversation with you. And there you go, a potential new client.

Perhaps you may want a more direct message aimed at soliciting attention and inviting inquiries. Maybe you’d like a sales slogan or an artistic rendition of your logo imprinted on a shirt. Whenever you are out and about, your apparel is quietly, unobtrusively selling your brand for you.

The nice thing about this approach is that people will approach you if they are curious or interested. If you hate cold calling, farming for clients, or even initiating conversations with people you don’t know, this is a great tool.

Especially where printed shirts are involved, you can even be more bold in your signal to the world. Say that you like to walk, jog, or bike along a popular trail network in the local park. Something like that would be a perfect opportunity to print something on the back of your shirt that describes your business or arouses curiosity. It doesn’t have to be wildly funny or clever. “Ask me about health insurance,” could get the job done.

At Creativity On we produce both embroidery and direct-to-garment printing. One of our favorites is the “Ask me” shirt. When you show up in public wearing a shirt such as this, it arouses curiosity. Some will be curious enough to ask what the ask me is about. That is your opening.

How to start a business conversation

One of our business clients did a great variation on this shirt. On the front they had a big question mark. If people asked what that was about, they’d spin around and the answer would be on the back of the shirt. It was a great conversation starter.

Of course this doesn’t have to be only about business. You may have a political, religious, or social message to impart. With Valentine’s Day coming up, let it be said than an Ask Me shirt can be a lead-in for something wonderful as well. You’ll have to use your active imagination on that one.

So much about marketing involves practicing the art of communication. Apparel from Creativity On can help you enhance your business communication and open some new doors in the form of new clients.

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