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I Survived promotional t-shirt

A t-shirt is a great promotional tool for your business or cause

If you’re a small business person, you’ve probably experienced placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine, hoping for the best yet ultimately not getting much bang for your ad-buying buck. More like a soft thud.

Today’s print ad hits tomorrow’s recycle bin, and with it goes your ad message and the end of the usefulness of the money you spent.

If your ad budget is stretched tight, you might consider the value of embroidered or printed promotional giveaways.

A printed t-shirt, embroidered cap, or some other garment emblazoned with your message, tagline, or logo can put your name out there with a lot of repeat exposure. People like wearing cool clothes–just look around you when you are out and about. Those clothes keep beaming out your message with every wearing.

At Creativity On we can help you find something that fits your budget and your promotional needs–and won’t be tossed into the recycle bin.


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