Launch your small business with a great look

Get your new small business off to a great start with some fashionable logo attire by Creativity On. With both embroidery and garment printing at your disposal, along with our famed customer service, you’ll be good to go with clothing you’ll feel happy to wear.

Chances are that if you have started a new business, you’ll already have invested in a logo design. You will have done this for your business cards, signs, stationery, and possibly a website. We can easily turn vector art into printed t-shirts or sweatshirts.

While any small business person is very mindful of start-up costs, having a good uniform will do several things. First, it will give you more credibility. Showing up at someone’s house to perform a service like home cleaning or gardening or carpentry wearing an “official” shirt will give off a better image of your dedication to your business. Clients like that.

It also helps you feel more official. We have watched our customer’s eyes light up when thy see what we have created for them. We know they’ll feel better in their jobs.

Of course, your logo apparel also acts as advertising for your business when you are out and about. When you go to the bank, the grocery store, or anywhere else, people will see what you do when it’s printed or embroidered on your clothing. They may need that service or know someone else who needs that service. People notice things that they have a need for, and you could find yourself attracting new clients that way.

Finally, our clothing is so reasonably priced that it’s often cheaper to buy printed or embroidered garments from us than it is to by plain clothing from a store.

Since our direct to garment printing prints in full color, you can often get what’s printed on your business card printed on your shirts. If the logo was created in vector art, it can easily be upscaled to a full front or back graphic. With our printing there are no set-up charges as you’ll find with most screen printing where there is a set-up charge for each color.

We are very happy to discuss with you our services and how we can help you find the right apparel for your business or group.


Please explore our website via the navigation bar at the top of the page. Questions? Contact Jolene at (503) 365-1955 M-F 9am-5pm Pacific time.

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