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A well-meaning businesswoman thought it would be a great idea for her company to buy a thousand bottles of water to be handed out during a summer festival. The bottles were affixed with labels that included the company branding.

From a “nice neighbor” point of view, free water was a kind gesture to make to the community of thirsty festival patrons. Yet from a promotional products viewpoint, and the intent was promotion, what’s wrong with this picture?

What happens when someone finishes a bottle of water? Right, it gets tossed into the trash… along with all that branding.

A major consideration of an effective promotional item is longevity. How long will it continue promoting? Would the amount of money spent on bottled water be better spent on t-shirts, caps, visors, pens, mugs, or something else?

A good promotional product gets used and seen a lot. An embroidered hat gets lot of use, and each time it’s worn it advertises your business. The same thing holds true for an attractive t-shirt.

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