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Embroidered shirt for fund-raising

Raise consciousness and funds with embroidered shirts

We often serve the needs of nonprofits, schools, or other organizations that embrace fund-raising efforts. They often like to sell embroidered hats or shirts or other popular products to raise money for specific causes.

Your group might like to do this, too, but maybe you think your budget couldn’t stretch enough to buy the products to sell. In challenged economies, advertising and promotion budgets often get whacked as a first step to control costs. However, there are some clever ways to finance your fund-raising efforts.

One of the best ways is to find a sponsor. Depending on the nature of your cause or organization, you might find a corporate sponsor quite willing to subsidize your purchase of embroidered goods. You get some or all of your stock of goods to sell with little or no money out of your own pocket. In exchange, they acquire the right to have their logo embroidered somewhere on the garments.

In the example shown above, the corporate logo of the sponsor is embroidered on the shirtsleeve.


If you would like to do a fund-raiser, here is a method for doing so. Let’s say that you decided to sell t-shirts to raise money for your cause. You would first check with us to get pricing for the shirts (or other item) you want embroidered or printed. This would include coming up with the design, essentially your idea for the content (graphic, text, and layout.) Based on your specifications, we would quote you a price on the cost of the goods including embroidery or printing. It is best to have your design work all thought out before you approach potential sponsors.

While finding sponsorship may sound challenging, it may be a lot easier than you might think. Why would a corporation want to sponsor you? In the first place, they would get to advertise on your shirt. This is actually a very effective way for them to get more name recognition. In the second place, it is a tax write-off for them. In the third place, it helps fulfill a corporate mission to give back to the community. Corporate sponsors like to show their involvement in community projects or in other causes that help out where help is needed.

When a corporate sponsor buys the shirts and in turn donates them to your organization, you can sell the shirts and keep 100% of the sales. You can use those profits to meet the objectives you set for your fund-raising.

Maybe you and your company are in a position to sponsor embroidered shirts or other product for someone else. Sponsorship is a great way to get your name out. If it’s for a good cause, it sends a great message about you or your company’s involvement in the community. It helps an organization raise money and it is good public relations.

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