We love making people happy

One of the joys of our business is making people happy. We do that by exceeding expectations. Whether we’re embroidering a vest or printing a t-shirt, part of our thrill is turning out work that wows our clients.

A client today came by to see a stitch-out of some embroidery that Jolene was doing for their nonprofit. They had been using someone else for five years and had gotten mediocre service yet at a compellingly good price. Finally the services they got reached unacceptable, which is when they found us. When the client saw what Jolene was doing, she beamed, “This looks so professional!”

Having been in the embroidery business for over ten years Jolene is, of course, a consummate professional. But sometimes when the prices are so reasonable and the business is home-based, people expect the work to be inferior. Our client had been going to someone with a storefront. When people go to a storefront, they expect more professionalism, even when they don’t always get it.

So we were very happy to see and hear our client’s excitement over the progress of her order. We love making people happy.

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