Skills required to render the classy look of embroidery

Beautiful color-blended logo

Some logos are so beautifully rendered as works of graphic art that they make a real wow impression when embroidered. Some of them are pretty intense to stitch out, and Creativity On is up to the challenge.

In rendering a relatively complex logo such as this, several key skills need to be top drawer. The first is digitizing. The person creating the digitized file needs to make decisions on how to direct the embroidery machines to stitch out–what thread goes where and how it needs to be applied. If digitizing is weak, the final product might turn out poorly constructed.

The next skill is thread selection. Jolene’s expertise is in choosing thread colors so that the colors pop in the right way for the effect that the client wants to achieve. As we illustrated in our piece on gradient blends, Jolene does a lot of tweaking to get the right color blending.

Magnified to show detail

In addition to the colors in the embroidered graphic itself, one also needs to match colors with the color of the material that the graphic is being embroidered on. Poor choices here could lead to colors clashing. Such devotion to detail is one reason why people keep coming back to Jolene and Creativity On.

The photos we show you are often greatly magnified over what you would see with normal vision. To render such fine detail in a small size takes a lot of planning and tweaking behind the scenes.

The classy look of embroidery is a great asset to your business image. In addition, we can also use your logo art to come up with printable versions for printed items such as t-shirts, mouse pads, even dog bandanas.


To find out how Creativity On can serve you, call Jolene at (503) 991-5266 M-F, 9am-5pm Pacific time.

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