Saving Money

In tough economic times, people naturally want to save money. When shopping online for embroidery, sometimes what looks like a bargain at first glance turns out not to be a bargain at all. Sometimes it is a huge waste of money. On some sites, you are led to believe that you are getting a great price … that is, until all the extra charges are added in. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Garment quality. The cheapest price does not always provide the best value; these products may be a huge waste of money. They products may not hold up well to embroidery. Other problems include unexpected shrinkage, short life span, and rapid color fading. By contrast, a garment that may cost a little more may yield much better quality. Know what you are buying before you jump on a sale price!

Garment opacity. When you order shirts for a company picnic, promotional giveaway, family reunion, or whatever, it’s important to know that cheap shirts are sometimes so thin they’re see-through. If people won’t wear a shirt because you can see right through it, you’re wasting your money.

Stitch count. Some embroidery companies give what looks like a fabulous price until the issue of stitch count comes up. That hot price may be for an embroidery design with 3,000 stitches, but your design might require 8,000 stitches. Check to see if the adjusted price to fulfill your order is still a bargain.

High minimums. Some embroidery companies give great prices but only on orders with high minimums. Check to see that the great price applies to the amount you want to order.

The shipping costs game. Some companies wait until the final stages of check-out to drop the bombshell of inflated shipping costs. That great price suddenly evaporates. At Creativity On, we do not play games like that. We give you a fair price with no surprise up-charges.

The “at cost” game. Some companies provide a wildly low cost for an embroidery order to get new business. They make up for it later by charging much higher prices on subsequent orders.

Digitizing. A necessary expense, digitizing is the process of turning a graphic file into an embroidery file. We believe that when you pay for digitizing, you own the file. Some companies will not relinquish that file when asked hoping that you will feel forced to stay with them even when they raise their prices.

Timeliness. When you order off the Internet, where are the orders being produced? Very cheap orders are likely produced overseas. Time may be a factor. We’re local, just a phone call away. Meanwhile, even storefront businesses have been known slip on deadlines, especially if their profit margin is slim.

Are online guarantees honored? Great prices mean nothing if the company doesn’t stand behind what it sells. At Creativity On we guarantee 100% all the products we sell. We’ve been in business for over a dozen years and specialize in providing great customer service. We want customers to come back, so we treat you right.

We want you to get the best pricing for the best quality. We use brands we know and quality we trust. We strive for your satisfaction. We know that if you’re pleased with our work and prices, you’ll come back for more.