Personal projects

Embroidered police badges on cap and uniform

Chase doing fine in his cool uniform!

We take care of more than business—we take care of your personal embroidery projects as well. We are pleased to offer you the same great prices and ooh-la-la customer service for any of your personal gifts and projects.

Giving a friend or relative a personalized gift produces smiles of delight. Maybe that person has a favorite slogan (“Future Oscar Winner”) or expression (“I don’t think so!”) or nickname (“Mighty Ace”) that would look great on a shirt, jacket, cap, or fleece blanket. A one-of–kind gift shows that you care and that you gave creative thought to your gift.

Chase (above) happily wear his personalized police uniform embroidered by Creativity On. The badge on the shirt and hat, the American flag on his right sleeve, and the text are all embroidered and won’t fall off or poke him during his skirmishes with bad guys.

How about something for yourself? How about your signature embroidered on a shirt? We can do that. You can wear your own autograph. Why wear Ralph Lauren’s name when you could wear your own?

Maybe you have a personal or business website you would like to advertise on a shirt, jacket, or cap. It’s a great way to put yourself out there in the world, which can be particularly effective if you deal with the public in any way—from seeking new clients to seeking new friends with shared interests.

Embroidery from us is cool because we understand how fun it is to let your creative freedom soar. When the odds are a billion to one that you’ll find what you’re looking for in a pre-made personalized garment at a store, you can have it made for you at a great price.

Do you want to make a bold political statement of support for your favorite politician? Or how about a bawdy barb at your least favorite politician or institution?

Perhaps you like the power of creative visualization and positive affirmations. Seizing the day you could emblazon something positive on your chest, pocket logo, sleeve, or back. Wearing your upbeat message may be the key to drawing that energy to you. People will look at it and comment, adding some sparkle to your life and to theirs.

Maybe you would like to improve your chances of finding the love of your life. An embroidered “Single and Looking” shirt might do the trick. If the trick has been done and you are in love, enjoy embroidering intimate messages to your loved one on special apparel. Make a special occasion stand out in your cavalcade of memories.

Bring your creative impulses to life with embroidery from Creativity On! We will work with you to get the effect you want. What would you like to give as a gift? What would you like to wear yourself? Design one-of-a-kind garments with graphics, sayings, and flair.