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“The jackets look fantastic. Thank you so much for getting these done with such short notice.”

Jennifer Givens
Frito Lay

There is a secret to getting rush orders filled—plan ahead! To fulfill embroidery orders, a lot of things need to happen. Art needs to be digitized. The garments need to be selected, located, ordered, and shipped. The sample stitch-out needs to be created and approved by the client. And of course the embroidery needs to be done and the products need to be shipped or delivered to the client by the date needed.

Our clients gave us advance notice that they had an event coming up. But they had a challenge. They couldn’t place their order for 58 jackets until they got an official go-ahead. They knew they would not get that go-ahead until February 22, and they needed the jackets by March 2.

It could have been a different story had the clients waited until February 22 to start the process. The jackets could have been out of stock or we could have been over-committed with work. Yet due to good planning on everyone’s part, we got the order done and delivered the morning of February 28!

While not always possible, a vendor who has already done work for you is in a much better position to deal with your rush orders. In our shop we keep copious notes and digital files from previous jobs, allowing us to be ready for new jobs. We also schedule work flow to make sure we can deliver on or before our customer’s need-by date.

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