How to wash embroidered garments

Embroidered logoEmbroidered garments are valued assets for your group, company, or personal image. Taking care in how you launder them will extend their long life and keep them looking fresh and clean for ages.

Some garments with embroidery take more care than others. Big high-density designs and especially those that are square or rectangular in shape are subject to curling. We usually point this out to people during the design process of their embroidery so they know what to expect.

Tips for best results

  • Do not use bleach.
  • Wash embroidered items separately from non-embroidered items for at least one initial washing cycle.
  • Do not pack the wash too tightly. This could cause abrasive action that may cause damage to the thread.
  • Do not leave embroidered items soaking in water or in a wet pile.
  • Do not hand-wring-embroidered garments. This may cause the thread to distort and with it the look of the design.
  • Stain removers may damage colorfastness and integrity of the thread.

In addition, here are some drying and ironing tips.

  • ALWAYS iron embroidery on the inside of the garment by turning the garment inside out.
  • When you have large embroidery designs, do not put these in the dryer. Instead, lay them flat to dry. Iron them on the inside of the garments if you need to flatten out embroidery that is curling.
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