Gradient color blends in embroidery add pizzazz

Subtle blue and white gradient blend

Subtle blue and white gradient blend

Gradient color blends are a standard in graphic art. It’s when one color gently blends into another color offering a very pleasing color transition.

One of our specialties at Creativity On is rendering color gradient blends in embroidery. There are two key factors in doing it right–digitizing and thread selection.

Digitizing for color gradient blends is a demanding skill. If it’s not done right, the blend will fail. It will look like an amateurish special effect. Some of the digitizing companies we have tried promised the sky and delivered ground fog. Through trial and error we found digitizers skilled in color blending.

The second major skill is thread selection. Even with great digitizing, a color gradient blend can fail if poor color choices are made here. It often takes experimenting with different thread colors to get the best blend. We take the time to do it. We often give the customer options to choose the color blend they prefer.

Gradient color blend in embroidery

Close-up of beautiful embroidery featuring color blending

People who find us on the Internet often comment that it’s not easy to locate embroiderers who render gradient blends efficiently. We love it when customers who’ve tried other places rave about what we accomplish with their garments. Gradient blends are so striking on garments when done correctly.

Gradient color blend in embroidery

More of a real-life view of a gradient blend

It should be said that photographing embroidered color gradients is problematic. They are intended to be seen from a normal in-person distance of a few feet, but we  photograph our embroidery zoomed in tight for a close-up view. That’s like holding up a magnifying glass to someone’s embroidered shirt, which is not something done in real life.

If you have a gradient color blend embroidery project in mind you would like to discuss, please give Jolene a call at (503) 991-5266 M-F 9am-5pm Pacific.


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