Embroidered jackets give your business a boost

GP ConstructionOne issue small businesses and contractors often have to face is the perception among potential clients and customers of the provider’s legitimacy. Is this a real business or a fly-by-night operation?

One subtle way to reassure people of your legitimacy is to have your logo embroidered on shirts, hats, and jackets. Embroidery makes it real. It conveys the message, “We are here for the long haul. We are a real, reputable business. We put it in writing on our apparel.”

A second factor is the quality of the embroidery. A shoddy job gives the impression that the business is shoddy, too. That’s why our motto is “When you shine, we shine.” We know that your reputation is at stake, and so is ours.

This client came to us with a jacket that had been done by another vendor.  The word mobile had been spelled incorrectly on the jacket—mobil—and the business owner was  reluctant to wear the jacket.  In fixing the logo, Jolene made suggestions how to improve it.

“If I had done this jacket originally, the logo would have been done correctly the first time,” Jolene said.  “Integrity, honesty and quality are my top priorities when it comes to producing the finished product.”

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