Embroidered fleece blankets with strap

Black fleece blanket with gold thread embroidery

Black fleece blanket with gold thread embroidery

One of our most popular gift products is an embroidered fleece blanket. Whether used in the stadium or at home or in the car as lap warmers, cozying up with these blankets brings on a feeling of warm comfort. Our clients often give them as thank-you gifts to their clients, such as Realtors or mortgage brokers who give them at close of escrow. It’s a great alternative to the traditional bottle of wine, and it also lasts longer than something glug-glug-glug or chomp-chomp-chomp consumable.

Personalized blankets fr girls' camp

Personalized blankets for girls' camp

Embroidered fleece blankets not only make great corporate gifts for trade shows or special thank-yous, but they also make wonderful souvenirs for certain event occasions such as girls camp, family reunions, conferences, etc. They make great gear for clubs that travel, and many come with handy straps for easy carrying. Some of our clients like to have them personalized with participant’s names.

Blankets come in many different grades and styles. There’s something for everyone’s price range and taste. We would be happy to discuss options with you.


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