Custom embroidered polo shirts

Custom embroidered polo shirt

Whether used as a uniform for business enterprises or as casual wear, men and women of all ages love the look and feel of custom embroidered polo shirts.

They’re popular with business for several reasons. When they’re a good quality shirt, polos are very comfortable to wear. That’s especially appreciated by people who do physical labor in their work and require freedom of movement.

Polos also look stylish, and especially in business, image is important. Having an embroidered company logo makes it easy for customers to identify employees. It also gives the employee the confidence of looking official.

Another major reason is that embroidered logos serve a public relations and marketing function. They can market the company, a product, or a particular campaign. Every person wearing one is a walking billboard for your brand. That, of course, is why some companies devote some of their annual advertising budget to giving shirts away for promotional purposes.

Whether for employee uniforms or for promotional giveaways, it is important not to scrimp on quality for the sake of getting rock bottom discount prices. Usually the cheapest polos you find on the Internet are low in quality. They might not hold up well to the rigors of embroidery machine stitching or to repeated laundering. If you compromise too much on quality you may end up paying more in the long run, either by having to replace employee shirts or by giving away shirts that no one wants to wear.

In many cases, your company will already have logo artwork and may even have guidelines for how art should be used. You may have specific colors, fonts, and layouts to follow. In other cases you may be starting from scratch and going with your original design.

At Creativity On we can help in either case. For original designs we can help with text and graphics. You can either choose to use pre-digitized clip art and fonts for embroidery (we have lots of that) or we can turn your original art into a digitized embroidery file.

Through our supplier network you can find the right polo shirt for your budget. All-cotton polos are best for work situations because 100% cotton is durable, flexible, and it ventilates properly.

Embroidered polo shirts are also quite popular as casual wear for anybody. We can help you come up with a unique fashion statement for you individually or for your group.


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  1. Hello,
    Kim Parsons Anderson referred you to me when I worked at the University of Western States and I loved the outcome of the products we sent. I am at a different company now, which is much smaller, we have seven employees. I was looking for the cost/charge for polo shirts for the staff with the logo embordered on the shirts. Also I see you also have shirts available. Can you give me a rough estimate to the cost to have 7 polos, one male size medium, 2 small females, 2 medium females, 1 ex-large female and 1 2x femail. Thank you.

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