Outfit your team with the classy look of embroidery

embroidered team uniformsWhen the weather warms up, many people’s minds turn to their favorite team sports, and that often means having the right stuff in terms of uniforms and accessories. Jolene of Creativity On makes the right stuff in her shop.

Whatever your team or organization is, one order with Jolene and you’ll see the difference in customer service she offers. Working with Jolene is such a delight because she makes it so easy for her customers. It’s especially great for those given the task of acquiring gear for the team who don’t have experience ordering embroidery.

Embroidered sports team gear gives players the esteem boost of team pride. Cool uniforms provide the right look, giving players and performers an extra edge of confidence. They feel great in their classy team attire.

Embroidered jerseys, jackets, polos, hats, totes, and t-shirts possess a special look and feel that offers a great “professional” or official image. Whether it’s a softball or baseball team, choir or band, cheerleaders or debate club, the embroidered look delivers the quality look of authenticity.


Rush orders are common. Jolene works hard to make sure that all the embroidery the team needs is done on time. With every order she calculates how much time she needs to work with customers and her vendors to make sure she meets the all-important “need by” deadline. You’ll know when you place your order when to expect the product.

Jolene’s personal pride and passion is to give extraordinary customer service. It’s what sets her apart from other providers. Each piece of a uniform or accessory she embroiders bears the spirit of her company motto, “When you shine, we shine.”

Meanwhile, Jolene’s prices are often a most pleasant surprise. The only way to know is to call Jolene at (503) 991-5266 M-F 9am-5pm Pacific and find out.

Great prices. Superior customer service. Way to go!


Read more about the process of ordering embroidery from Creativity On here.


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