How we do embroidery right the first time

Embroidered polo shirtAt Creativity On we get a steady stream of customers who are fed up with the poor service they received elsewhere. They’re looking for a new service provider. In talking with these customers, we learn what is going on in the industry and are able to upgrade our level of service. Here are some of the complaints we hear (and what we do to make sure people get what they expect):

Not done when promised

This is a big one. We’ve heard horror stories of brick and mortar shops where people have placed their orders with more than a month of lead time and still the provider didn’t deliver on time. That doesn’t happen at Creativity On. We are extremely deadline oriented and get the job done when promised because we schedule our work flow specifically to meet deadlines.

Stitching is imprecise, unravels

Customers often assume that all machine embroidery is the same. It’s not. Many factors influence quality including stitch count, digitizing skill, and the machine operator’s level of experience. At Creativity On we provide samples of the stitch-out, either in person or via a photo sent by email. You can see what you’ll be getting and approve it before the production begins.

Samples produced on felt

Some companies provide samples that are embroidered on felt. The problem is that the end product won’t be stitched on felt. That’s a questionable practice because felt is a superb fabric to embroider on. It’s like bait and switch. At Creativity On we provide samples that are stitched onto the closest fabric that the final product will be stitched on, allowing the customer to get a much more realistic impression of what the real deal will look like.

Cheap, flimsy garments

People have a lot of faith in “what they see online is what they get.” But often when people shop for the lowest price they can get, they also get–to their shock–low quality. Embroiderers cut expenses by providing cheaper quality products or lower quality stitching. At Creativity On, we gear our business model for repeat business and happy customers, and we provide the best quality we can deliver for the price. We also give our customers options.

Overpriced products

We often work with customers who have been paying what we think are outrageous prices for embroidery. This seems especially true at company stores where employees of a particular firm or school can get personalized embroidered or printed products. We see cases where employees are charged 30%+ more than what we would charge for the exact same product. Once they find out that they can get the same thing at high quality for much less from us, they go where their dollar goes farther.

Results not as expected

Customers are sometimes surprised by what they get. What may have been on their minds when they ordered does not appear on the final product. Or the size that they ordered doesn’t fit right. At Creativity On our bottom line is customer satisfaction, and we do our best during the ordering process to pin down exactly what the customer wants. This includes trying on product samples if necessary and providing stitch-outs before running the whole order.

What Guarantee?

It‘s easy for a company to offer money-back guarantees on their sales pages. It’s another thing for customers to find satisfaction if they need to fix a problem. It’s even more difficult if the person you bought the embroidery from didn’t do the actual work, which is more common than you might think. At Creativity On you’ll have our email, our phone, our address, and our 100% guarantee.  If we did something wrong, we’ll make it right. We take care of our customers in the same way we like to be treated when we are customers.


For more information about embroidery at Creativity On, please see the pages under the Embroidery tab on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

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