Embroidery from scratch — creating a logo

create embroidered logo from clipartWould you like to have some embroidery made for your team, business, or group but aren’t sure how to proceed? Maybe you do not have art work or an official logo (this happens more than you might think) and that keeps you from taking the plunge.

We’ve helped people create embroidery-ready logos as part of our service of outfitting them with new clothes. When people do not have logos, or even artwork for logo designs, we can create them using clip art from a source like iclipart.com.

Logos usually have a combination of text and graphics. Sometimes they have just one or the other. We combine the desired elements in a desktop publishing or illustrating program depending on which software best suits the project. The end result will be a jpg file that we send off to the digitizers.


As an example, we recently created a logo for a produce company. We found clip art of fruits and vegetables to use. It didn’t matter that each drawing was rendered in a different graphic style by different artists. That would be a no-go for print but for embroidery the styles will blend nicely as stitches.

Then we added text above and below set in an upper and lower arc so that the whole embroidered design would have an oval shape. We used Adobe Illustrator for this because of how it handles text so wonderfully.

When a digitizer gets the file, usually in a jpeg (jpg) format, he or she electronically traces over the artwork laying down where the threads will stitch and in what order. During this stage edits can be made, such as “leave the red background out.”

Besides using clipart, it is possible to create a logo based on some element of a photograph you have. Say you had a nice photo of a sailboat that you wanted to use but there was more in the photo. In that case the unwanted parts could either be Photoshopped out or the digitizer could ignore that portion of the photo.


The bottom line for you is don’t let lack of art stop you. We can take charge of helping you get the results you want. We’ll listen to your general idea of the art you’d like, consult with you about the options, and take it from there. You’ll see the art for your approval followed by a sample stitch-out before the final production of your order.

Questions? Call Jolene at (503) 991-5266 M-F 9am-5pm Pacific time.

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