Reward your employees and build your team

South Seattle Sales Team One secret of success in small business is employee loyalty. When your employees are onboard with the business, they will be working for the success of that business.

Employee loyalty is not a given. People may be grateful that they have a job and are earning a living, but that alone does not inspire high morale. Other things do that. Employees do best when they feel as if they are part of a team. A family feeling helps unite them around the cause, especially when they feel appreciated for the hard work they do.

One way some of our business clients boost team spirit is to reward their employees with stylish personalized garments such as an embroidered jacket or polo shirt.  Personalization could include a name, company logo, and perhaps a message or slogan that could be related to an award.

For example, one company we do embroidery for rewards successful sales teams with embroidered jackets lauding that they achieved a sales goal. Recognition goes a long way in inspiring repeat performances later on. The article of clothing is a constant reminder of good work rendered.

Printed t-shirts are another popular morale-booster. For example, a real estate company sponsors a day of community service where the employees give back to the community doing some project. They’ll have shirts printed to mark the occasion. Just yesterday I saw a Realtor friend of mine wearing one of those shirts from 2004. He is a very community-oriented guy, and it shows, literally.

Personalized company gear give employees something to feel good about. It also promotes the company. This is win-win. Employees feel good wearing something meaningful to them, and in turn the company benefits from name exposure.


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