Why pay more for embroidery? (Seriously)

logo embroidered on a cap

Detailed embroidery on a cap

Master knife craftsman Lael Grant made this observation. “Being a knife maker is like being a baker. Everyone wants bread for toast. Huge corporate bakers sell you enriched wheat flour white bread. The local baker sells you whole grain bread. Corporate white bread has no nutritional value, but it still makes toast and only costs .99 cents a loaf. The whole grain bread makes toast and it is also good for you to boot, but it costs you $4 a loaf.”

It happens in most industries. There are those who take great pride in their work, be it product or service. They may be more expensive but they also deliver more quality for the money.

Then there are those who sell their products or services at a discount, often an extreme discount. They focus on one main sales ingredient: price. They price themselves at rock-bottom and heavily promote the savings they offer.

These days consumers frequently start shopping for low price and develop an expectation that the high quality they want will automagically be there, too.

We often encounter this mind-set with people who find us on the Internet. People expect us to price match the cheapest price they found online. They assume that all machine embroidery is the same. It’s not the same by a long shot.

We provide a higher quality product to embroider on. Unless requested we don’t use the cheapest, thinnest t-shirt or the flimsiest hat. We also offer more personal customer service including skill sets not matched by the steep discounters.

Some Internet embroiderers go for one quick sale. We build relationships and pursue every order with care for customer satisfaction. We get the work done in a timely manner to meet your deadlines, and we guarantee everything we sell. This is seldom the case with steep discounters.

Ironically, our prices are very reasonable, usually better than most other providers. When combined with quality garments, skilled renderings, and great customer service, we offer better value. In the end, that’s often more important than price alone, for what good is a garment that prematurely unravels, curls, pills, fades, or is poorly embroidered?

Your embroidered goods are intended to represent your company, group, or personal image. It pays to invest a little more to get the job done right.

Please visit our Embroidery Gallery to see samples of our work.

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