We do small jobs that other companies won’t touch

Small embroifdery orders Many of our customers began their relationship with us when they discovered that we do small-quantity orders. Quite often people who want to have a few shirts embroidered cannot find a company willing to do the work because the profit is too low. Many companies require minimums, often much higher than the customer needs or can afford.

Late last summer a client came to us wanting a small amount of shirts done for the Turner Police Department. He needed just five shirts and couldn’t find anyone to handle so few. Jolene was able to find the requested tactical polo shirts at an affordable price that perfectly met his needs.

Great customer service on large or small orders is our passion. Call Jolene for a price quote and find out how she can help you. Contact Jolene at (503) 991-5266 M-F 9am-5pm Pacific time.

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