We care about each order, large or small

Oregon Ballistic Laboratories logo embroidered on shirt

Oregon Ballistic Laboratories logo embroidered on shirt

Whether you order one item or several hundred, we put the same personal care into creating your embroidery. It’s one of our trademarks.

Most of the time we create results that satisfy our customers on the first try.  Sometimes, however, projects take extra care because the graphics are especially complex or the design requirements are particularly exacting. Extra care sets us apart from other companies.

Digitizing the logo skillfully and correctly plays a crucial role in making your embroidered logo shine. Some logos are intricate, such as those with gradient blends. They may require tweaking and experimenting to get the digitizing just right, a process that adds time to the production schedule.

Another crucial step is selecting the correct color thread based on the color of garments or hats you have selected for embroidery. Sometimes our customers want a special kind of thread for a special kind of look, such as a metallic thread. Locking down the best blend of thread colors often requires fiddling with different thread combinations.

The bottom line is that we will not stitch on garments until you are 100% satisfied with the end results.

We recently had a rush order. The client called Tuesday and needed to have nine premium embroidered shirts ready by Friday for a trade show Saturday. To meet the client’s deadline, all this needed to happen:

  • We had to get the art for the client’s logo.
  • We had to have the art digitized into an embroidery file.
  • We had to order the shirts from our suppliers that the client had selected.
  • We had to select the threads to use based on the client’s color choice.
  • We had to create a stitch-out sample from the digitized file.
  • We had to photograph the stitch-out and email to the client for approval.
  • We had to implement any tweaks or changes the client requested.
  • We had to stitch the actual shirts once we received the go-ahead.
  • We had to meet the client’s deadline.

We worked our way through this to-do list, coordinating with our vendors and working with our client to make product selections and choose thread colors. We contacted our client Friday morning to announce that the garments were ready for pick-up. The client was extremely pleased with the results and expressed surprise that the order was ready so early in the day.

At Creativity On, it doesn’t matter how long a job takes us. You pay per garment, not for production time and all the tweaking toward perfection.

What matters most to us is your satisfaction. When you shine, we shine. It’s also why once people discover us, they keep coming back for our exceptional customer service.


For more information on the process of ordering embroidery from us, please visit the Embroidery Process page.

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