The way we do business

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Can you run a wholesome and profitable business, staying in integrity and not resorting to shady business practices? We think you can.

Can you run a business charging fair prices for services rendered? We think you can.

Our business model is to provide the best possible customer experience at the best possible price. “We are here to make a living, not a killing,” Jolene always says.

We earn customer loyalty through our service. We take great pride in knowing that we make fairness a high priority. We conduct business the way we would like to be treated as customers. We want you to be pleased enough to come back to us the next time and to tell your friends and business colleagues about us.

It is important to us that you always have someone you can talk to. Whether you find us locally or on the Internet, we are very responsive to returning phone calls and emails and keeping you informed on any issues related to your order. We have heard many complaints from customers who placed orders with other providers and then heard nothing. Not with us. We keep you fully updated.

We don’t always offer the absolute lowest price. We have heard of companies low-balling prices to grab new customers, then coming up later with unseen, unexpected upcharges in shipping charges or other add-on fees. Other providers print or embroider on low quality products or take dubious shortcuts to keep their prices low. We provide high quality, and our prices still astound people used to paying much more while getting less.

We keep our prices fair because we like to feel good about the quality and value we offer. We work with our customers to make sure they’re satisfied before we commit to stitching or printing, and we guarantee our work 100%.

We know that we have a good business model because our customers keep coming back.

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