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Embroidered personal jacket logo

Personal logo for a former teacher

The best part of our business is watching clients’ faces when they see their completed orders for the first time. That’s when the wow factor first hits them. Their idea has become a material reality.

We think of this as our emotional income. It’s when we enjoy the satisfaction that we made the world better for someone. We never tire of it.

One of our favorites is the surprise birthday party. This has often been accentuated by a purchase of original t-shirt designs which have a person’s photo or special message emblazoned on it. Sometimes the shirts are a gift. Sometimes they are atmosphere. In one memorable instance, a whole office got decorative birthday shirts that they wore as uniforms to surprise a co-worker. We were delighted to help make that possible.

Special embroidered hat for a special guy

Special embroidered hat for a special guy

Another one of our favorites was making a special embroidered hat as a surprise gift for a scientist who was retiring. He had discovered a certain species of dragonfly. We obtained a photo of the fly and had an embroidery file made from it. Jolene was then able to create a beautiful souvenir cap. We heard that his face lit up and that he was very moved that people cared about him and his accomplishments enough to create this original cap for him.

Whether you’re thinking embroidery or garment printing, we can help bright your creative ideas to fruition. Perhaps you want to give your small business an identity boost with new uniforms, promotional giveaways like hats or t-shirts, or nice thank-you gifts for your best clients. Maybe you’ve got a big family reunion, company picnic, or trade show event coming up and you’d like to add something special. Maybe you are an artist looking for a way to expand your creative vision through printing your works on shirts or canvas products.

We would love to help. For more information, please contact Jolene at (503) 991-5266 M-F between 9am-5pm Pacific time.

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