The advantages of shopping locally with us

Salem Slyders embroidered logo on jacket

Salem Slyders embroidered logo on jacket

While we greatly appreciate the continued patronage of customers from all around the country, we like to remind Oregonians about the advantages of shopping locally.

See and Touch. The biggest advantage is that dealing with us locally gives you the opportunity to look at printing and embroidery samples up close and personal before mass production begins. Touch them, see them, scrutinize them. If need be, tweak it to perfection. It’s definitely a confidence-builder when you’re in the process of placing a large order. While we photograph stitch-out or print samples for our out-of-town clients, there’s simply no substitute for seeing the real deal.

No price surprises. Shopping locally also eliminates a problem many Internet shoppers are not prepared for—all the add-on charges that propel an initially great-sounding come-get-me price into something much costlier. With us at Creativity On, you’ll know all the costs up front. No unwelcome surprises.

Shipping options. Shopping locally also improves delivery options. You can save on shipping and assure against shipping delays through local pick-up of finished orders. Sometimes that’s enough to make shopping locally more of a bargain.

Help is near. You also know where we are if you have a problem with anything you purchase from us. When you deal on the Internet with a provider you don’t know, you can never be sure that they’ll honor their guarantees. When you shop locally, you have more assurance that any issues will be resolved.

Re-orders and fill-ins. Shopping locally with us also helps with your re-orders. We’re constantly being told, “Do it just like you did last time.” We keep extensive notes to know what “last time” entailed. We’re also just a call away if you need to order an extra item not included in your initial order.

Personal service. Besides all that, the fact of the matter is that we love doing what we do, and it shows when you visit us. You’ll notice by the questions we ask and the procedures we follow that our ultimate goal is to please you. If you look good, we look good.


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