Show that you care with personalized embroidery

Personalize embroidery Salem OrTreat that special someone in your life to a delightfully unique gift. If you’d really like to show that you care, give a gift of personalized custom embroidery. It could be a mate, a family member, a co-worker or group member being honored, or someone who has everything and you don’t have a clue what to give.

Whatever the occasion, specialized personal gifts from the heart are always a great way to go. For instance, you can have a few words of their favorite poetry embroidered on a fitting garment or as a work of art suitable for framing. You can have a favorite nickname, quote, custom logo, or meaningful graphic embroidered.

Personalized gifts are a great way to honor someone, and custom embroidery shows you spent the time and energy to make your gift special. Find out what Jolene at Creativity On can do for you.  Please call her today with your ideas and see what kind of magical memories she can help you create for that special someone.

Call Jolene at (503) 991-5266 M-F 9am-5pm Pacific time.

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