Personalized birthday and holiday gifts

Embroidered Santa's cap

Give personalized holiday gifts

Nothing says that you care quite like personalized gifts. They are not something you got off the rack. A personalized gift says that you put some thought into selecting it because you created it.

Personalization offers a gift of meaning. For example, we have produced personalized caps for people using a favorite nickname, meaningful graphic, or slogan. In one case the art and the words encapsulated a man’s life work as a scientist. The cap was given to him at his retirement party.

In another case one of our customers gave each member of his extended family a personalized t-shirt. Each shirt had a hand-selected photo of a favorite pet printed on the front. He told us it was the highlight of their holiday and led to the telling of many stories.

We have produced some great birthday shirts that were personalized through photos and slogans. Our direct-to-garment printing technology is perfect for this.

Buy products through us

When many people think of giving personalized garments as gifts, they first look for an item to buy from their favorite store or online outlet. Then they bring us that item for personalization.

In many cases, they could save money by ordering the same item through us and our supplier network. We guarantee everything we sell but don’t guarantee products bought elsewhere. We offer an impressive selection of brands. Here is our online catalog. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, ask. We have other resources.

We also produce personalized gifts on a wholesale basis, such as gifts for employees, clients, and group members. Embroidered caps, denim, jackets, sweatshirts, and vests make great gifts.

But what about the art?

Some people love the concept of giving personalized gifts, but they’re stumped about how to turn their idea into a creative design. We can help. For both printing and embroidery, finding suitable art is often just a website away. You don’t have to be an artist yourself. You can take advantage of clip art. This is a simple way to put the pizazz into your layout.

We have a website that you can peruse for graphic art for printing using search engine technology. Ask about it. We also have volumes of clip art for embroidery, which is especially handy because this art is already digitized for embroidery, saving you that extra expense.

We make it easy for you to give meaningful gifts and wow someone. For more information please contact Jolene at (503) 991-5266 M-F 9am-5pm Pacific time.

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