Our pricing policy is to make you happy

Piggy bankWe work hard to keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality. That’s why people who have done business with us for years keep coming back. They know that we’ll take care of them time after time with high quality and reasonable prices.

Our prices are usually lower than brick and mortar store prices and often better than Internet store prices. This is especially true once you reach the bottom line. Some online stores will lure customers in with prices that sound fabulous. Then when you go through the automated check-out routine, they pile on a bunch of extra fees. Suddenly you’re paying much more than you thought. When we give you a price quote, it’s for everything, no surprises to spoil your day.

We don’t advertise prices because there are so many variables in coming up with a quote, such as quantity desired, garment choice, supplier or brand, shipping, complexity and density of the art, etc. We are happy to give you a price quote when we know all the details of what you want.

We usually don’t have sales because we don’t stock inventory. Sometimes we’ll have specials we advertise on our website when our suppliers offer us a great deal where we can pass the savings along.


The business model we follow is saving money for our customers when we can. One way you can save money is to purchase garments through us. It’s often more expensive to purchase items elsewhere and bring them to us for embroidery or printing, even when you shop sales or discount stores. Ask us for a quote before you purchase the items somewhere else and let us show you how we can save you money.

Sometimes we can get you into a better quality garment for the same money you were planning to spend on something of lower quality. This is good news when the whole point of your printing or embroidery may be to have people wear your branding. T-shirts or caps do no good for promoting your cause if the quality is so poor they’re stuffed in a drawer or tossed into the garbage.

Personal service is both our strength and commitment. When you do business with us, expect to be treated fairly and personally. When you call, we’ll answer your questions and give you options. We won’t pressure you to place an order. We do business as we like to be treated when we are customers.

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2 Responses to Our pricing policy is to make you happy

  1. Sharon Lewis says:

    I am exploring the possibility of a single embroidered t-shirt.

    It would be a left shoulder job only, not full shirt. Top word would be “merci”, with an outline pic of Eiffel tower, and 3 names below it preferably in a semi-circle.

    I don’t yet know size or preferred color. I would want a good quality fabric. And I won’t know those details until near the end of May.

    Can you give me any kind of idea of price?
    Depending on the price, I might want 4 of them (to include shirts for the 3 names persons).

    • Hi Sharon,

      There is a one time fee of $65 to set up the logo and name(s) for the shirt.

      The price of the shirt embroidered would depend on if you provide the shirt(s) or if you purchase through my company. You can browse apparel at http://www.companycasuals.com. If you would like a quote, please send the style number, size and color and I will send you a quote. If you provide the shirt, the cost is $15 per shirt for the embroidery.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions and thank you for contacting me.


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