Ooh-la-la customer service brings them back

Embroidery and garment printing in Salem, OR

We have kind of a strange business philosophy—we over-deliver.

A primary advantage of having a home-based business is that we don’t have high overhead. Rather than charging high prices to pay the rent, we can spend that time giving incredible customer service at extremely competitive prices.

We like to call it ooh-la-la customer service.

Frankly, many people don’t realize all that they’re getting when they have us do their embroidery or garment printing. There’s a perception out there that all embroidery is the same or that all printing is the same. That’s just not true. Skill, experience, and motivation to provide great products make a huge difference.

We do extra things to assure that our customers are satisfied before we commit to print or embroidery. This includes tweaking the design to make sure it pops the best and giving the client the opportunity to review the first prototype before committing to print or embroidery. We’re also here to give product suggestions and design tips from eleven years of experience, the kind of attention-to-detail people like. We do business as we like to be treated when we do business with other providers.

Sometimes customers choose other vendors because someone else offered what seemed to be a better price. Price often dictates buying decisions, but sometimes customers overlook the quality they get for that price. Cutting corners in quality sometimes means choosing inferior brands or styles of physical garments. Sometimes it is how the decoration is created. We make sure you’re happy with both.

One of the best unsolicited testimonials we get is when clients who were lured away by the promise of the lowest price come back to us. It’s usually because they discovered that we over-deliver on value compared to the other provider. Our quality, our service, and ultimately even our prices proved to be the best. And our clients know that we always guarantee our products 100%.

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