Jumping through embroidery hoops for you

Custom logos for embroideryAs a home-based business, we take our work and our reputation seriously. We go the extra mile to make sure that our clients get their needs met. When you shine, we shine.

One client had called an embroidery shop in Eugene on a Wednesday to place a rush order. No one returned his phone call. He called us as his second choice (we are, after all, in Salem, an hour’s drive away.) We set up a meeting for Thursday morning. In the meantime, he called the Eugene shop again, finally got someone, and was told it would take two weeks to get his order done.

The client had a training class he was giving on Friday! He had no embroidered logo gear to wear. It appeared as if he was out of luck, but of course he wasn’t.

By Thursday morning’s meeting, the client had done the homework that Jolene had suggested. He found links from our website to pre-digitized graphics and knew exactly what he wanted. He had chosen a font from a set of digitized fonts Jolene had emailed him. Jolene downloaded the graphic and set up the logo for him to look at onscreen later that Thursday.

He arrived at 1:00 Thursday afternoon with his own shirts. He approved the logo and selected the font he wanted. Jolene told him to come back before 5:00 to pick them up.  She had to shut down production on one machine to stitch his four shirts, but he was willing to pay a rush fee for faster service.

After he left, Jolene realized he had not specified a text color. Based on their conversation and having observed preferences he had mentioned, Jolene chose a color that coordinated perfectly with the logo.

The client arrived back at the shop before 5:00 Thursday to pick up the shirts. He was amazed at Jolene’s speedy service and delighted to wear classy, official shirts to his first training class the following morning.


Jolene loves to create embroidery miracles like this. It feels good for her to come through where others drop the ball or don’t respond at all. Her many years of hands-on experience and problem-solving ability help her create everyday miracles in customer service. Find out what she can do for you by calling her at (503) 991-5266 M-F 9am-5pm Pacific time.

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