How we re-purpose an existing embroidered logo

Keizer embroidered polo shirtsA significant benefit of working with Creativity On is that we think ahead to save you money and stress. In embroidery digitizing is a major concern. Your logo may serve multiple purposes. You may start out simply wanting embroidered polo shirts, but may down the road want hats as well. When we plan for that possibility at the start, it saves hassle and expense down the road.

A recent case is the City of Keizer. They are working on building city pride and are now hosting a series of events to involve the public in making Keizer a desirable place to live, work, and play. What better way to promote pride than to give the staff hosts a shirt that shows the official city logo and identifies them as a member of the Event Team?

We took their existing logo and added text to it. Voila! No new set-up fees were required to re-purpose the logo  to create these event shirts.


When Jolene first sets up a logo for one of her clients, she has a few questions for them, such as:

  • What size do you want the finished logo?
  • Do you want a pocket logo, a logo for hats, full back or front?
  • Do you want the logo used for multiple purposes?

The answers dictate how the logo will be digitized.  It is less expensive to address all the potential uses for the logo up front to avoid having to re-do it later for a special need (and be charged again for re-digitizing.) It also adds versatility to how the logo is used, whether for patches, hats, jackets, etc.

The Creativity On motto is “When you shine, we shine.” Part of our superior customer service is to give added-value whenever possible. When you shop locally and have a one-on-one relationship with your trusted service provider, it pays off in extra benefits.  We give our clients the best product and logo selections to make their dollars go farther.

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