Happy endings

A couple of years ago Jolene got a call from a woman who was frantic  She needed some rush embroidery done for a club she belonged to. It was a substantial order and Jolene has always prided herself on getting rush orders out the door. It’s fun for her to make a positive difference for someone, so she accepted the project.

I didn’t see much of her that week-end. She spent most of it cloistered in the shop working on this order till the wee hours. She met the deadline for her customer.

When the customer came over to pick up her order, she was in full panic mode. Somehow she had lost the cash she’d set aside–quite reminiscent of what happened in It’s a Wonderful Life when Uncle Billy lost the bank deposit. She acted as if her only option was doom.

Jolene let her take the goods without payment. The woman broke down in more tears and was quite grateful. She said she would pay the $500 bill as soon as she could.

But then…nothing. Days, weeks, months. Nothing. Jolene’s emails inquiring about the payment went unacknowledged.

Jolene has a remarkable way of not holding grudges. When bad things happen, she knows how to let it go. Eventually she forgot about it except for when she would see the file in her filing cabinet. Then she would tell herself to forget about it again.

For the most part, we have been very lucky in the rip-off arena. It does happen, but very infrequently.

After over two years of silence, the woman called from out of the blue. She said she had the money to pay Jolene. She wanted to come right over. And she did. She paid her debt in full.

She had a long story to tell about misfortune and the reasons why she dropped out of sight. However, our bottom line is how impressed we were with the courage and resolve it took for this woman to break her silence, make that call, and pay her debt.

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