Gradient blends add the wow factor

Gradient blends add awesome color to DTG printing

One of the most popular effects in graphic art is the gradient blend. A gradient blend is where one color merges into another color within a shape.

The rainbow effect rendered inside the ellipse in the graphic above is a gradient blend. Of course a gradient can be any combination of color. One side of a gradient-filled shape might start out as yellow and end on the other side as purple, perhaps with other colors in between.

At Creativity On, we can cover you in both embroidery and garment printing. In embroidery gradient blends are accomplished with skilled digitizing and knowledgeable thread selections. In a previous post I showed how choosing different thread colors leads to very different overall appearances. Getting the best effect usually means experimenting with colors to get the very best blend. This can be time-consuming and discourages some providers from offering it.

Gradient blend from dark to light greens

The direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technology we use will also render gradient blends. Traditional screen printing won’t because it applies one color at a time and the colors are opaque. With DTG you can get millions of colors in one-pass printing. That is a major difference between the two printing technologies.

Color blends also include any rendering along the gray scale from white to black. This feature lets graphic artists play with any shading techniques that can add depth and pop to black and white graphics. When printed on colored fabrics, it can provide a most striking effect.


If you are interested in having DTG printing done, visit our Downloads page for our submission guide which explains how to prepare art work and photos.

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