Embroidery and printed items for your event

An event shirt for a stage play

Event planning? We provide shirts and other garments for special events.

Spring is around the corner and people are already planning events for 2011. Charity walk-a-thons, tournaments, trade shows, festivals, weddings, family reunions, political rallies, and company picnics are ahead.

If you’re in charge of event planning or acquiring garments for events, we want you to know about what we at Creativity On can do for you. We hear this all the time: “We wish we would have known about you before.”

When you’re holding an event, you want a provider who can help you get the garments you need for your events. You want great prices, great quality, great service, and everything done in plenty of time for your event. You don’t want another thing to stress over.

We know this and we deliver service you can count on.

Relay for Life embroidered logo

Embroidered event logo

Whether you’re looking for embroidery or garment printing, we can help guide you through the choices and options. You could be looking for embroidered polo shirts. You could be wanting printed t-shirts. Maybe you’re looking for hats.

Perhaps your focus is on fund-raising. We help different organizations (non-profit and for-profit) meet their financial goals and objectives. Your event can generate both enthusiasm for the cause and cash for the coffers.

Please call Jolene at (503) 991-5266 M-F between 9am-5pm Pacific time.


If you have never done business with us before, find out more here about how the garment printing process works, such as printing custom t-shirts for your event. Find out more here about how the embroidery process works.

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