Customer service — knowing your products

Creativity On gives ooh-la-la customer serviceThe other day Jolene went to purchase some replacement wrist bands at the store where she had purchased the first pair. She went to the place she’d found them before and discovered that they had been moved.

She asked a sales clerk, “Where might I find wrist bands?”

He stared blankly for a few moments then asked, “What kind?”

“I need the type of bands that athletes use to compress the wrist for injuries.”

Another blank stare. “If we carry them, they’ll be in the football section.” In other words, he didn’t have a clue.

Jolene went to the football section and found no wristbands there. After checking through the aisle on sports accessories she went to a check-out clerk and asked the same question. Another blank stare.  “Could you give me another description of what you’re looking for?”

She eventually sent Jolene to the exercise equipment section. Jolene found another clerk in that section and asked her question. Another blank stare. Then he said, “Oh, the bands you put on your wrist!”

He took her to yet another section and then tried pawning her off to the same check-out clerk that had sent her to his section. When that proved fruitless, he took her to where they stocked terry cloth sweat bands. She asked again if they had anything close to the compression wrist band she’d bought from that store before.

He said no, but he suggested that she visit a competitor down the street. Then he walked away.

When the combined efforts of three store clerks got her nowhere, Jolene conducted her own search. She eventually found the right wrist bands on a wall display and purchased them.

Reflecting on her experience, Jolene said, “I would not be in business today if I offered that kind of customer service.”

Part of our ooh-la-la customer service at Creativity On is helping our customers find the right garments or promotional products for their needs. We know our products. If by chance we don’t have an immediate answer, we’ll research it. The bottom line is that we care enough to give what it takes.

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