Custom fleece throws and sweatshirt blankets

Custom personalized fleece throw blanket

Custom personalized fleece throw blanket

It’s that time of year where fleece gets a lot of use. It can be sweatshirts, vests, stadium blankets or lap blankets, whatever. The chilly air of autumn brings fleece out of the drawer.

Embroidered fleece throw blankets make a great promotional gift. Unlike some gifts, you don’t have to worry about ordering the right size. They come in one size and are so handy. Keep one or more stored in the car for those spontaneous uses that inevitably come up. Some stadium blankets have one side that is waterproof so you can be shielded from wet grass or rain-soaked benches. We sell them with a handy set of snap-on straps for easy toting.

A fleece throw is smaller than a twin blanket and larger than a baby blanket. An average size would be 50”x60”. It’s great for keeping laps warm on chilly nights.

Beware the cheap fleece

Buyers should note that fleece comes in a wide array of types and qualities. The promotional products market is flooded on the Internet with “cheap fleece” that sounds attractive to the budget. Comparatively speaking, however, the fabric is flimsy and dull. After a few washings, it will already start to pill and lose its body. You would not want your company or group image on something like that.

Higher quality fleece is heavier and thicker. It holds the embroidery better and is more forgiving in the wash. It naturally feels more substantial and warmer when worn.

Custom fleece throw blanket with strap
We personalize premium blankets, too!

We can help you meet your budget and still buy good quality. We can steer you to products we know and trust. We also embroider blankets that you purchase elsewhere and bring to us.

Printing or embroidery?

Some fleeces handle garment printing and others don’t. We would print on sweatshirt-style fleece. Printing would be advantageous when your graphic has smaller text or fine-line detail work that is nearly impossible for machine embroidery to reproduce. Printing is also better for large-size graphics.

Embroidery is still king, though. People love blankets with their favorite companies, sports teams, schools, churches, clubs, tourist destinations, or other affiliations embroidered on them. They feel and look classy.

Pricing varies based on several factors including quality of the blanket, the size and complexity of the logo or design in the case of embroidery, the quantity ordered, etc. We will be happy to help you select the best product for your needs, go over your decoration choices, and quote a great price.

Find a selection of different kinds of blankets from our catalog.

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