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What we're all striving for in customer service

Recently on Facebook a few entrepreneurial friends discussed ways to create a business that clients would love and would love so much that they would refer business. I was excited to see how much these professionals thought about customer service, a value we strongly strive for at Creativity On.

Victoria Linton, a sales rep for Lawyer’s Title in Salem, led off the discussion by answering it this way: “I refer people that are very good at what they do and/or have been referred by people I trust. It is also important that they have good communication skills, set realistic expectations (they don’t over promise) and get the job done promptly. The most important quality I look for, though, is that they are kind, trustworthy, and ethical in their business as well as their personal life.”

In his property inspection business, Perfection Inspection, Inc., Jim Allhiser suggests that the way to favorably impress clients is to “provide them with more than they thought they were going to get. My business is very high tech, but the real reason for the bells and whistles is that they help streamline what I do. I can provide better service with more attention to what matters. As far as my referrals, I love to see people/businesses that do things right when they know no one is going to see what they did!”

“I refer business to people who I think follow the Golden Rule,” says Salem real estate agent Melina Tomson at Tomson Burham. “I don’t care that you aren’t perfect. I care that you let me know when you aren’t going to be perfect. Anyone can do it when it’s easy. It’s when it’s not easy when true character shows. AND that is when you know if you have a high quality service provider on your hands or not.”

Eva Chase, whose husband owns DJs Party Rentals, chimes in on the value of customer service. “When I am confident that they know their product and can speak to it intelligently, and they’re not pushy about getting you to buy it, then I trust them and will definitely consider my purchase. You can tell when they’re blowing smoke just to make a sale. Most stores have lost the touch of customer service. It’s quite different when they actually walk you to a product you’re looking for and show you the options vs. just pointing and saying, ‘Aisle 10.’”

Janine Gould sums up her philosophy this way: “I think people will buy your product or service if they ‘buy’ you first. In other words, you have to be genuine and likable to gain their trust.”

“I know people won’t hire us if they don’t trust us and certainly that is true for real estate agents as well,” says Margaret Oscilia, partner in Creative Concepts and Contracting, a professional home staging, repairs, and remodeling company. “Not only do we need to be great service providers, but people need to know, like, and trust us first before they want to entrust us with their business.”

Customer service has always been a high priority with Jolene and Josh at Creativity On. We give the service we would like to receive if we were our customers. Our level of service builds trust and people recommend us to their friends and co-workers. People keep coming back because they know we will treat them right. It’s a business model that has kept us busy for over 11 years.

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  1. This is a great collection of very good customer service tips from people in a variety of businesses and is a good reminder for us all.

    Facebook is such a great way to get advice and feedback from people, and this article is a good example of that.

    Thank you for including me in your article.

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