A word about the photos we use on our site

This is a magnified view of a color-on-color embroidered logo

At Creativity On we believe in displaying our work larger than life. The views of the embroidery that you see are magnified, often quite a bit, to give you the clearest impression of the quality of our work.

Logo as shown in relation to shirt pocket

This is the size of the embroidery in relation to the shirt pocket

Occasionally this backfires. Sometimes people might look at a magnified photo and think gee, the quality doesn’t look so hot. I can see some imperfections.

The truth is that when you’re looking at something three or four times larger than life, you’re going to see the limitations of machine embroidery. It’s just like when you magnify photos on your computer screen to a larger than life size, you’re eventually going to see pixels. In person, embroidery is meant to seen with the naked eye, not through a magnifying glass.

Tillamook logo magnified

Besides offering magnified photos, we also guarantee everything we sell 100%

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