New way to view our apparel catalog

Our catalogOn our site here we have a link where you can view our website-based catalog. Find it here.

We also have a printed catalog that many of our customers like to use. It’s laid out entirely differently than the website. Now that same catalog is available from our Facebook page. It’s a complete Zoom Catalog version of our printed catalog. (Zoom Catalog refers to the software that makes the catalog work.)

To find and use the catalog, head over to our Facebook page. Then click on the Apparel & Bag Cat item in the left-hand column.

Clicking will whisk you to another page where the Zoom Catalog will load (this may take a minute or two). When it finishes loading, a tool bar will appear.

The toolbar

The tool bar

You will also see a Full Screen button at the bottom of the catalog if you want a larger image and to lose all the Facebook items.

Tools in the tool bar

You can use the Zoom Catalog tools to perform chores like go to first page of the catalog, go to the previous page, view table of contents, view index, go to a specific numbered page (that you fill in), search on keywords, go to the next page, go to last page. Place your cursor over the icon in the tool bar and a tool tip will appear telling you what the tool is.

Magnifying glasses

One icon looks like a magnifying glass. In the tool bar, that is the search tool. You can put in a keyword to search on. When the magnifying glass appears as the cursor, you can use it to zoom in or out by clicking.

Share the catalog

There is a share tool in the tool bar, too. Use it to share the catalog with friends and colleagues. You can either send an email or share it through social media. This is very useful in cases where more than one person chooses garments and accessories for an organization.

Zoom catalog vs print catalog

While some people still love to use printed catalogs, one slick advantage of the online catalog for some customers is the ability to keyword search. This helps you find things fast. The zoom feature is also handy for checking out the details. Of course, we still provide printed catalogs, available free at out shop or delivered for $5 shipping (refundable on your order.)

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